Raw materials

Quality Made in Italy

All raw materials that compose our products are 100% originally checked.

To be sustainable by choosing partners in turn attentive and scrupulous through the analysis of the supply’s chain and the control of the source of raw materials, this is the first step to take responsible actions towards the environment and the human being that lives it.


Over the years choices that have imposed strict procedures in the Research and Development of new products have been made, in order to be able to work with international certifying bodies of excellence, among them EcoCert and COSMOS, as for the field of organic and natural formulation raw materials.
For the saving of resources and the productive efficiency we also avail ourselves of “natural” instruments such as the property well to guarantee the need for water that composes the 90% of formulations.


Important investments are done on the research of performing clothes with respect to the employment of products such as the special biodegradable, flushable, compostable and biodisrupter clothes. The latter for instance, according to tests realized in specialised laboratories according to the guide lines INDA-EDANA, in particular aerobic and anaerobic conditions they biodisintegrate and they can be thrown in the wc.




With regard to flexible packaging materials, we study with the supplier alternative solutions that replace the use of aluminium and non-recyclable plastics, while preserving the organic features of the products and while ensuring the high levels throughout the supply chain.
With regard to primary and secondary packagings in paper and cardboard, we prefer suppliers with FSC products (Forest Stewardship Council) with certified cardboard for a respectful forest management of nature and human being that lives it.