Product Ethics

Environment and future

For over 30 years we are aware of our responsibilities and particularly careful to the productive innovation and to preserve the environment that surrounds us with the gaze pointed towards the present and the future society.

Innovative quality, safety and sustainability are our keywords to create products with distinctive, tested and certified plus, to take care of oneself with a view to a wellness that lasts over time.

A continuous commitment through the application of a management system for the quality certified ISO 9001 and environmental certified ISO 14001, apart from the certification ISO 22716 that imposes the GMP of Good Rules of Fabrication for the cosmetic companies, non-mandatory in our field but highly wanted from the Company for ethics and respect of all the productive rules towards customers.

Raw materials

To be sustainable by choosing partners in turn attentive and scrupulous through the analysis of the supply’s chain and the control of the source of raw materials, this is the first step to take responsible actions towards the environment and the human being that lives it.
All raw materials that compose our products are 100% originally checked.


The whole productive process of over 35 production lines carries out according to certified procedures with the most rigorous international standards. For every production batch scrupulous microbiological tests to ensure the absence of contaminations and to validate the goodness of finished products are made. The Quality Control of the product, after it overcame all the technical inspections and the over 6000 microbiological analysis done internally, is 100% manual. The energy that we use in all our processes, from the production to the logistics, coming from “clear” springs and it is 100% renewable.


In the virtuous circle of environmental sustainability which also falls in the economic one, there is a sort of list of “duties” to which we are committed to dealing with it by reducing for example scraps and wastes both with pre-production and post-production analysis procedures.
With regard to liquid scraps, an important part of our productive circle, we are realizing the disposal following certified and standardized procedures at a national level and, simultaneously, we are also carrying on a project of disposal of the same scraps through a purifier under construction.
The purification plant will have the task of treating industrial wastewater through a “CHEMICAL-PHYSICAL + BIOLOGICAL SBR” process.

Depuratore Acque Diva


The whole production is located in a unique business pole, it is undergone to precise chemical and microbiologic controls in our Quality Control laboratories in incoming raw materials, in semifinished and finished products in outgoing with a complete production flow traceability, from the purchase of raw material to the arrival of the product on the shelf.

  • ISO 22716that imposes the GMP, Good Manifacturing Standards for cosmetic companies
  • ISO 13485 for the Quality system concerning medical devices
  • ISO 9001 for the Quality system
  • ISO 14001for the Environmental system
  • AISE CHARTER: Sustainability Cleaning Assurance – Flagship initiative of the European Cleaning & Maintenance Products Industry
  • IFS HPC: international standard for evaluating product and process conformity in relation to the safety and quality of consumer products

In compliance with European Community Legislation we do not test our products on animals. (Law 93/2013).