Private label

Your Partner for Your exclusive brand

Excellent products, developed in our own laboratories to the highest standards of quality and manufactured in Italy.

Diva International has over 25 years of experience in the development and manufacture of products for personal care and health, household cleaning, and the hygiene and well-being of pets.
An exclusive line of the highest quality.

We develop the concept from the study of the assortment to production, and from the conception of the packaging to customised graphics. 
We also assist the company in the preparation of price lists.

Our marketing team has broad and solid knowledge of the Italian and foreign market and is pleased to assist in the development of products to meet your needs.

Quality, controls and legal assistance

Diva International produces and packages exclusively in its factories in Umbria. 
Thanks to its own internal Laboratory for analysis and rigorous Quality Control, it is able to ensure full traceabillity in production, verifying the chemical, physical and microbiological properties of both raw materials and the finished product.

Hygiene, quality control, dermatological testing and research are the basis for our production.

Our Team also provides information on legal requirements and national and international regulations.

The natural quality of the raw materials

The market for home and personal hygiene products is dynamic and constantly evolving.
Consumer expectations for the raw materials and formulations we use are increasing.
Allergies and intolerances require formulas that are effective and hypoallergenic. Natural ingredients and extracts are also becoming increasingly important.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by the quality of the raw materials we use.
The fabrics in our wipes are made from natural fibres, which is also why they are soft but strong and do not irritate the skin.

We are putting a lot of our resources into organic lines: natural extracts, 100% organic cotton, and ingredients designed to satisfy the needs of the most sensitive skin.
We are committed to using and promoting natural substances, such as aloe vera, jojoba oil, mallow, shea butter, argan oil and others, which actively care for your skin.