ThermoTherapy is a complete line for your wellness with CE medical devices.

Thermotherapy is the line of bands and plasters which fights, in a natural way, acute and chronic muscle and joint paints, using the advantages of Thermotherapy. The heating heat of Thermotherapy relaxes and decongests the painful areas following fatigue, muscular tension, sprains, strains and joint pains.

Diva International selects only natural raw materials of high quality for the production of heating bands. ThermoTherapy products offer natural and constant heat for eight more hours. ThermoTherapy is a CE medical device. The bands are reusable thanks to the comfortable ThermoTherapy refills.

ThermoTherapy, a complete line for your wellness.

Heat therapy

Heat therapy (or Thermotherapy) is a therapeutic method used since ancient times as a remedy to improve the flow of blood and consequently the oxygen supply to the muscular bands and to reduce the stiffness of joints.

When is it useful?

Heat helps to alleviate cervical, shoulder and back pains, menstrual pains or pain to other specific parts of the body. It is fundamental that heat is sufficiently intense and that penetrates deep where are the causes of muscle tension.
Useful is the prolonged and constant effect of heat up to 8 hours, like that of Thermotherapy products.

What are the advantages of ThermoTherapy?

  • It fights pain without medicines
  • It has a focused action against muscular and joint pains
  • It is easy to use and to wear under clothes
  • It offers constant long lasting treatment: 8 hours of deep heat
  • It is usable with comfortable and practical bands studied specifically for focused applications
  • Low cost and respect for the environment, thanks to the universal recharges
  • Quality of “Made in Italy”