the factory

The DIVA method

“We want to contribute to make people’s life a little bit easier and comfortable. We can count on our long experience, but also on our close contact with consumers. Because only if we answer to their needs and their wishes, we can have success”
Paolo Cocchioni, Sales Director


Production place

The establishment Diva International was born in Spello in 1999 with about 2.500 initial sqm of extension among offices, production and warehouses.
The first extension takes place in 2009 and reaches a surface of about 10.000 sqm, culminating then in 2018 with the second new building which also includes offices, production and warehouses for a total development of all the business unit over 20.000 sqm.
Since forever Diva’s products, both under its own brand and on behalf of third parties, are born in Umbria’s uncontaminated nature. For this our branch and our manufacturing plants have been thought, built and expanded respecting the environment that surrounds us, with the employment of smart technologies supporting our green soul.


You are what you do

In Diva International we firmly believe that there should be correspondence between what you believe and the actions that we undertake like human beings and businessmen. For this we have assumed the commitment to use the technology with a view to return what good we get from nature.

In this way, what used for the productive activity is retransformed in useful resources to the community. There is no productive and social innovation without respect because of our surroundings.


Production automation and robotics

The monitoring of every single planning and productive phase and the adoption of modern solutions of data collection, automation and robotics allow the achievement of elevated performances of production respecting rigorous quality standards of the finished product. With a view to measure and reduce the own ecologic mark the Company supports and develops sustainable projects for people and environment, from the choice of materials used for the production and the movement of its own products.