Our commitment to make life better from the small gestures

Diva International works hard every day to contribute to improve people’s quality of life.

All our products are studied and created for important daily goals: personal care and hygiene, the house cleaning to live in and a better hygiene for domestic animals.


Close to women

“Women have always had to fight doubly. They have always had to carry two weights, the private and social one. Women are the backbone of society.”
Rita Levi Montalcini

In Diva we firmly believe to this statement of one of the most extraordinary Italian women of our century. For this every our product has in itself the vocation to improve the quality of life of women, helping to facilitate the simple daily gestures by reason of their life and their own relatives…


Made in Umbria

The manufacturing plants of Diva International s.r.l. are located in Umbria, a region that has become World Heritage, unique place of unspoiled nature.
The territory of this region – rich in springs and thermal waters in the green heart of Italy – inspires us every day and it is from nature that the company has borrowed essential values and principles such as the attention to the naturalness of raw materials and to the consequent protection of the environment and the wellness whose lives it. An historic territory in the centre of Italy, of over 8.500 sqms of diverse landscape, which has seen the succession of Umbrian, Etruscan, Sabine and Roman peoples and which represents a treasure chest of beauty among the most diverse, with perfectly preserved historical sites and later generation infrastructures. A continuous source of inspiration from which we can get a special and characterizing “origin imprinting” whose not to be jealous but to return through the goodness of products.


Only selected raw materials

Nature is one of our main Partners in the realization of products. Also for this reason we promote a responsible approach with the world that surrounds us. We care about Nature because itself is the substance that makes our products particular.

The raw materials used are selected with care since the choice of suppliers and all the products are subordinate to continuous quality controls at different levels. The production follows a very high industrial standard and it is undergone to multiple consumer tests in collaboration with our consumers. Our production flow is traceable from the purchase of raw material to the arrival of the finished product in the distribution.