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The brands

Diva International manufactures and distributes wipes for personal care and cloths for cleaning and hygiene of the home and for pets.

Diva International is an established group specialising in production, both for its own brand and for third parties.

Most Diva International brands are also available for purchase on-line from Divashopping.it


Fria is a leading brand in Italy, with sales of over 10 million packs of wipes for hygiene and personal wellness.

The materials in Fria wipes have a unique pure cotton or natural fibre composition, sometimes biodegradable and always soft but strong, designed to be non-irritating for the skin.

The formulations used in Fria wipes are innovative, delicate, and dermatologically certified. Some have obtained organic certification, and all are specifically created to boost the performance of their ingredients for a beneficial effect that contributes to personal well-being through their many different uses.

Fria’s range of wet wipes is spread across three specific product lines, ideal for the care of mature skin as well as the sensitive skin of little ones, to best satisfy all needs and guarantee well-being and freshness every day while respecting the skin and working in perfect harmony with your lifestyle.

Fria Prime:
Exclusive formulas and innovative, effective and practical fabrics for daily needs and a beauty that is never artificial.

Fria Green:
Formulas and fabrics that make use of nature’s purest ingredients to satisfy the needs of the most delicate skin.

Fria Bio Herbs:
Fria Bio Herbs products are characterised by the use of carefully selected natural ingredients.
The new line is based on the extraordinary beneficial powers of nature and plant extracts derived from organic crops.

Fria, naturally!


Brawn is the Diva International brand dedicated to household cleaning and hygiene.
 For over 15 years, it has been making the cleaning and hygiene of your home and laundry easier, quicker and more effective. 
Every surface and every floor has its own characteristics, taken care of and preserved over time by Brawn.

Brawn comes in two product lines: Brawn house cleaning:
specific wipes and cloths for surface and floor hygiene in your home, as well as for car dashboards. 
(they leave no streaks and require no rinsing).

Brawn Bucato:
innovative sheets & towels for washing machines and dryers. 
Brawn laundry products capture colour bleeds in the wash, remove stains, and make your laundry fresh and hygienic.


Pet Benefit is the Diva International line specially for the care, cleaning and hygiene of dogs, cats and other household pets.

PET BENEFIT is a complete pet hygiene line and the perfect solution for animal hygiene when travelling, out walking, or in any other situation where water cannot be used.

Its innovative formulas make cleaning and hygiene for pets easy and quick.

Pet Benefit also includes useful wipes and cloths for quick and thorough cleaning in all the parts of the house where our pets live. The all-purpose cleaning, refreshing and sanitising hand wipes complete the range.


Diva International has great expertise in the production of self-heating medical devices.

Thermotherapy is a line of wraps and patches that fight acute or chronic muscle and joint pain naturally, using the benefits of heat therapy.

Thermotherapy’s self-produced heat relaxes and decongests at the site of pain following fatigue, muscular tension, twists, sprains, and joint pain.

Diva International selects only the highest quality natural raw materials for the production of its heating wraps.

ThermoTherapy products provide constant natural heat for over eight hours.
ThermoTherapy is a CE medical device.
ThermoTherapy wraps are reusable thanks to the convenient refills.

Thermotherapy, a complete line for your well-being.


Hident is the latest new product from Diva International. It is an innovative patent for a toothpick that is hygienic, safe and effective.

Hident is a revolutionary tool for daily dental hygiene: it is 6 times more effective than an ordinary toothpick thanks to its materials and innovative design concept.

Small and discreet, it ensures quick and precise cleaning, eliminating food residues without irritating gums.

Four different formats are available (with 150, 250 or 300 toothpicks) as well as the handy Hident Travel pack for use out of the house.

Our partners include corporate chains, restaurants and hospitality establishments in Italy and abroad.

Hident cares for your teeth, every day.


Scaldì adhesive and self-heating pads and patches are best-sellers in Italy.

Scaldì is an innovative and totally natural way to keep your hands, feet and body warm.
Scaldì pads are small pouches that can generate constant heat for up to 12 hours. The heat from the Scaldì self-heating pads and patches is generated by a mixture of natural substances that trigger a thermal reaction on contact with the air.
 They are ready to use as soon as the pack is opened and provide a beneficial effect for up to 12 hours.

Scaldì self-heated pads produce a pleasant, natural heat that stays with you for several hours at home, at work or during leisure time.
 Scaldì self-heating pads and adhesive patches are Made in Italy.

Pharmacy Line

Diva International also specialises in supplying pharmacies with products for personal care and pet hygiene


Biogenya is a family care and hygiene line developed by our laboratories and on sale in pharmacies.

The products, all dermatologically tested, are of the highest quality and designed specifically for delicate and sensitive skin.
 Unlike other brands available in pharmacies, Biogenya uses organic and natural raw materials.

The formulations contain plant extracts such as chamomile, oat and marigold.
 The fabrics are made of pure cotton and natural fibres.

The Biogenya line includes make-up removers, intimate wipes, face masks and baby wipes.

All the products have the same soothing, moisturising and emollient effect.
 Moreover, they contain no alcohol, so they cause no irritation and ensure a physiological pH. 
Biogenya products all have AIAB and ICEA certification.


ThermoRelax is one of Diva International’s top lines on sale in pharmacies.

ThermoRelax products are therapeutic devices for fighting pain with heat therapy.
 Cases of acute and chronic pain can be alleviated by ThermoRelax, which applies heat to the affected areas, relaxing and decongesting sites of pain due to fatigue, muscular tension, twists, sprains, and joint pain.

ThermoRelax wraps can be used whenever you need the benefit of prolonged relief on your back, neck or other parts of the body.

With Thermorelax, Diva International has developed a line of products that fight pain without drugs, with a targeted action against muscle pain for a natural, constant and long-lasting treatment.

ThermoTherapy is a medical device.


Pet in Pharma is a pharmaceutical line of cleaning, hygiene and health products for pets.

This innovative line includes gloves, wet wipes and cloths that allow cleaning and hygiene for dogs, cats and other pets even without water.

As with all its other products, Diva International uses natural ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile and bisabolol for their moisturising, refreshing and soothing properties.
Pet in Pharma products protect and care for your pet’s coat, muzzle, eyes and ears.

Pet in Pharma, quick and thorough care and hygiene for your pets that’s always at hand.