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Our aim:

to improve the quality of life

We care for nature because
nature is what makes our
products so special

Diva International

The mentality that leads to success

For almost 30 years, Diva International has produced and distributed products for personal, household, and pet care. 
The products are designed, developed, manufactured and packaged directly in Diva International’s own facilities and then distributed in over 20 countries.

The products are created to meet important needs: personal care, health and hygiene, household cleanliness, and pet hygiene needs. 
Diva International is committed to helping improve the quality of people’s lives on a daily basis.

We want to help make people’s lives a little easier and more comfortable each day. We can rely on our extensive experience but also on our close links with customers, because it is only by meeting their needs and desires that we can attain success” (Paolo Cocchioni, Sales Director).

Diva International originated amid the unspoilt nature of Umbria, a region with a wealth of springs and thermal spas in the verdant heart of Italy, among sites whose extraordinary beauty has won them the status of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It is thus its origin that gives it such fundamental values and principles as a focus on the natural qualities of its raw materials, and consequently on protection of the environment.


Choice raw materials only

The Diva International production plants are in Umbria, the world capital of unspoilt water and nature.

The region, in the verdant heart of Italy and with a wealth of springs and thermal spas, inspires us anew each day.

And it is from nature that the company has taken its fundamental values and principles, such as a focus on the natural qualities of its raw materials and, as a result, on care for the environment and for our health.

Nature is a key partner in the creation of our products. It is also for this reason that we promote a responsible approach to the world around us. Nature has a place in our heart, as it is nature that makes our products special.

The raw materials we use are carefully chosen, and all our products are constantly cross-checked for quality. Our production is held to a very high standard and subjected to numerous consumer tests in collaboration with our consumers. Our fabrics are made from organic cotton and naturally derived fibres, with special processes to ensure their high quality and exclusivity.

The entire production undergoes chemical and microbiological analyses in our testing laboratories to guarantee the quality and safety of each product.

Our production flow is traceable from the purchase of the raw materials to the distribution of the product for retail.

Diva International s.r.l. has the following certifications:

• ISO 9001 for its Quality system

• ISO 14001 for its Environmental system

• ISO 22716 which lays down Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for cosmetic companies.

Research and Development

Diva International research centre: The source of our innovations

Through innovation, we seek to improve the quality of life for people today and for future generations.

Every day, our team of researchers and microbiologists dedicate themselves to the development of new formulations, using research into the different properties of natural raw materials as a starting point.

Particular attention is devoted to dermatological studies and the care that Fria can provide for your skin, on analysis of solutions for the home, and on the hygiene of our four-legged friends.

Innovation is the secret of our success

We collaborate with various Italian universities and specialist centres for the development of our products and formulations.

Particular attention is given to dermatological research and studies with certifications and specific analyses of solutions for cosmetics, personal wellness, the home, and the hygiene of our four-legged friends.

Diva International is a leader in the Italian market for sales of wet wipes and continues to earn awards and recognition, both from organisations in the field of cosmetics and from consumers, thanks to the company’s continuous research and particular commitment to the attainment of high quality as the principal goal of its mission.

Environmental sustainability

For us, sustainability is not a business objective; it is part of our way of life

Sustainability, for Diva International, is not only environmental but also cultural, economic, ecological and social.

Cultural sustainability offers the incentives necessary for reflection and sustainable decision-making and – above all – the promotion of personal responsibility towards the environment and the future.

On a practical level, Diva International reduces its environmental impact to a minimum; from production through to use in your home. The packaging and fabrics of wipes and cloths are – where possible – flushable, biodegradable, or biodisintegrating.

We do not skimp on quality but save on packaging, thus significantly reducing the environmental impact.

Where possible, we avoid inserting pamphlets or using printed material, instead supplying descriptions, instructions for use, and other information on the outside of the packaging.

We produce and process the components in our own factories to avoid long-distance transport and reduce pollution and damage to health and the environment.

Diva International also chooses clean energy:
production of all the company’s brands is powered exclusively by certified electrical energy from renewable sources.

Thinking of the future

Diva International thinks of tomorrow

We are always looking for people interested in working with us. We offer all employees the space and opportunity to grow professionally and personally.

The main aim for Diva International is to accept its responsibilities and to place its own ecological, economic, social, cultural and sustainable approach at the heart of its activities.